How to Adopt Mice

Please be aware that we do have a waitlist to meet the demand for our mice. If you are looking for a male, you will probably not have much luck unless you request one in advance so one can be held back for you. If you are looking for a specific variety you might have to wait for a mouse of that variety to be born and then 5 weeks for your baby to be weaned. Furthermore, because mice are living creatures and not toys, we cannot guarantee that any mating will take, that a mouse will not miscarry, or that an exact combination of varieties will be born in a particular litter. The health and safety of our animals comes first and we take that very seriously.

Before beginning the process to adopt, please be sure you have thoroughly researched mouse ownership, care, and basics. We are always happy to answer questions should you have any, so please feel free to contact us on Facebook.

Easy as 1-2-3


Check out our available mice and the Our Mice page to see what is available here. If there are any currently available mice you are interested in, note those down. Otherwise, check out the varieties we breed and note down the ones you are interested in.


Fill out the mouse application and contract so we can review it. The application is short and simple. It gives us basic contact info, your experience level (all experience levels welcome!), info about our mice, and what you are looking for based on your notes from step 1. This let’s us find the perfect match for you! Click the button below to go to the application and contract.


Fill out the contract. The contract is very short and covers a lot of the basic risks to owning mice from any source, health and temperament guarantees offered on the mice, and what is allowed on the PET ONLY contract.